LG-T2880LMCIII - Large Bi-colour Ultra Soft LED Studio Light

Product Code: LG-T2880LMCIII


  • DMX control with LCD display
  • Incredible value wide LED panel 
  • High performance light source with excellent colorimetry
  • Bi-colour Ultra Soft LED Studio Light
  • Power: 288
  • Power Source: 24V DC, 100-240V AC


  • Brightness Control: WiFi, 2.4G, DMX and Dimmer
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K - 7500K
  • CRI (Ra): 95
  • Dimensions: 1375 x 330 x 32mm
  • Illumination: (LM): 24076LM / llluminalion(LUX): 7500K: 3993Lux@1M; 1194Lux@2M; 555Lux@3M; 321Lux@4M; 216Lux@5M; | 2700K: 4125Lux@1M; 1233Lux@2M; 573Lux@3M; 331Lux@4M; 222Lux@5M;
  • Light Type: Studio
  • Modular: No
  • Weight: Approx 11kg




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