Our Obsession with Halogen Equivalent

The world of production has made the transition to LED. Key lights, back lights, soft lights, fill lights, on-camera, studio… whatever light you need, there’s an LED to suit.

But the language of professional lighting is still in the pre-LED age. So many talk about CRI scores (wrongly as it happens – read our blog) and light output is typically measured against halogen, not in lux or lumens.

We have taken the decision not to focus on CRI as it’s quite simply misleading. We encourage customers to look at our TLCI figures, which are based on an EBU test designed to objectively assess professional LED lights.

But when it comes to output, we’re happy to measure our lights in any way that helps customers accurately weigh up one unit against another, or gauge how many lights they may need for their studio or production. Click here for our power and output summary.