LEDGO rings the changes at BVE 2016

At BVE, LEDGO will launch a new high quality on camera LED light with a difference. E116C is a super-slim pad model that is as thin as an iPad and delivers a beautifully soft light.

The LG-E116C bi-colour LED on camera pad light delivers a softer output than traditional on camera units. It is suitable for portrait lighting or a single person interview; it is also ideal for product shots. Thin and lightweight, it's a great item to include in any kit bag, whether you need a general purpose, dimmable on camera light or a small fill light.

“At close proximity, traditional LED lights can require additional filters to avoid uneven lighting and shadows. The new LEDGO unit overcomes this issue to offer a soft, even light that does not overwhelm the subject.” Commented Holdan’s brand manager David Morris

E116C can be mounted on cameras of any size and is perfect for close proximity work. It is available now from Holdan’s network of resellers. At only 16mm deep and weighing just 230g, it is highly portable and great for work on location.


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Bi-Colour LED On Camera Pad Light


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