LEDGO astonishes with sub-£500 LED Studio Fresnel

LEDGO has launched a range of professional LED fresnel lights that deliver excellent performance at an incredibly low price. The three new models are ideal for every kind of television, theatrical and video studio, with a full array of focusing and dimming controls and very high calibre output.

LEDGO’s reputation for quality was sealed by the Guild of Television Cameramen’s TLCI tests which returned remarkable scores for the manufacturer’s lightweight panels. The same LED technology is used in these new fresnel units to provide studio lighting suitable for the most stringent applications.

Despite their low price, the D600, D1200 and DMX-controlled D1200M, are robustly constructed, run cool and silent, and feature 0-100 flicker-free dimming and angle beam control from 10-70 degrees.

LEDGO Fresenel Light

“The level of control fresnels offer has long been cherished by lighting directors. LEDGO’s new range will make them a viable option for every studio - even the D1200M at the top of the range costs less than $1000. We think this is a very big deal.”

Says Sales Director, Allan Leonhardsen of European distributor Holdan.

These models are the latest addition to LEDGO’s growing LED line-up which now includes on-camera lights, studio panels and fresnel units. Strict quality controls means that each unit delivers a consistency that matches even the most prestigious brands in the sector.

“Just as professionals have come to trust cameras that cost a fraction of the price of ten years ago, lighting directors are now also benefitting from affordable LED technology that often outperforms higher priced models.”

Concludes Leonhardsen.

LEDGO fresnels are available from European resellers from summer 2015.

For more information on these products please call us or follow the links below.



120W LED Fresnel Studio Light



120W LED Fresnel Studio Light with DMX control



60W LED Fresnel Studio Light


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